Dorset Holidays

Dorset is a county in the South West of England that is popular as a holiday destination and it appeals on a number of levels. Firstly it has some large seaside resorts, the best known of which are Bournemouth and Weymouth. Both of these resorts have fine sandy beaches and a large selection of hotels and other holiday accommodation They also have the facilities that you would expect from top resorts and are ideal for traditional family beach holidays.
The Dorset coastline is not just known for its beaches. From the East of Devon to Lulworth is a designated World Heritage Site. The coast is also known as the Jurassic coast and is so named as there have been such a large number of fossils discovered there. This not only appeals to archaeologists or geologists, but also on a more general level where fossil finding kits are sold in the seaside towns such as Lyme Regis.
The best known symbol of the Dorset coast is Durdle Dor and it is one of the best known cliff scenes in England. This huge rocky arch is a joy to behold. Lulworth cove is also stunning, being an almost circular bay that looks like it was created by a meteor impact, although it has been created by natural erosion albeit of an usnusual type. Chesil beach, although not part of the Jurassic coast line is another stunning site in Dorset with 20 miles of wonderfully rounded large pebbles in a raised straight beach that is clearly visible from satellite pictures and on maps.
Dorset is not just about the wonderful coast line. Within a few miles of the coast are gently rolling hills with quaint villages with distinctive names, some of which have are ancient and blessed with thatched cottages and a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. One small town, Tolpuddle was the scene of one of the first workers protests and the beginnings of the Trade Union movements of today.
Other historic places include the county town Dorchester best known for its association with the celebrated novelist Thomas Hardy who set the majority of novels in his beloved Dorset. Dorchester as its Roman inspired name suggests has been in existence since before the Roman period and has a grass amphitheatre south of the town known as the Maumbury Rings that was used at that time.
Dorset is not all about history. Adjoining Bournemouth is Poole, a centre for water sports and other activities with the area around Sandbanks being one of the most expensive and exclusive places to live in England.
Dorset has a large selection of all types of accommodation. If you are looking for hotel accommodation, you can stay in a modern sophisticated hotel or a medieval thatched pub and everything in between. Prices can vary from the expensive to the very reasonable. In terms of self catering accommodation, Dorset has a large number of holiday cottages and apartments that are available all of the year. Other types of accommodation include caravans or lodges that my or may not be located on parks. Whatever your budget or taste, you can find somewhere nice to stay in Dorset that should give you a relaxing holiday that you will cherish.